One Step at a Time

Robert Frost wrote, ”Good fences make good neighbors.” The evidence that the Holy Guest, i.e. Holy Spirit is at work in your life is the “eyes of your understanding are opened”  to a mission greater than yourself.

Kelly , thank you for introducing and inspiring us to a mission greater than ourselves!  Our eyes and ears are open to the possibilities and opportunities of “love they neighbor.”

It seems to me that the purpose of a fence is two fold.  Keep people in or keep people out.  At all cost protect our privacy. Perhaps the question should be asked, “What is it you’re trying to protect?”

Someone has well said, “You become a good neighbor at the moment one person says to another, “What? you too! I thought I was the only one.”

FBC-MT, the mission of the church is not mending fences but removing the fences that keep us from having a conversation with out neighbors.  It’s all about believing-belonging-behaving-becoming good neighbors, i.e. “Love your neighbor as your- self.”

Perhaps the jingle in your life is” Like a good neighbor stay over there.”  FBC-MT put down the post hole diggers  we’re not here to make or mend fences.  Remember the number  is 52  new people who will be here if we will be there.  Join me this month as we “Take a step in the right direction.”

Pastor George

From the Pastor's Desk
irst Baptist Church of Montana
201 8th Avenue Helena, MT